Detect & Remove

We perform a web site malware scan to detect backdoors and malware.


Fix & Backup

The next step is to do site malware and viruses elimination.


Secure & Prevent

The last step is to prevent your site from being hacked.


Website Security Matters

Most times, site hacks are a product of manipulation of an insecure code over the multiple layers of codes which make up your site. Instantly a flaw is detected on your security setup, the attack vector destabilizes the normal functions of the site. To fight this, what you need is lightning-fast reflexes and strong defenses. These will remove all of the methods utilized in breaking your insecure code thereby rendering the efforts of hackers emptiness, as efforts to hack your site will be fulfilled with a blocking page.

At any point in time, the invincibility of your site can’t be guaranteed. Without active layers of defense mechanisms, your site will certainly suffer from coding that’s loopholes in it. From themes, plug-ins, apache, SSL and every other element of a site, it would be almost untenable to respond to alerts and updates. Undetected loopholes in your site programming render opportunities for hackers to infect your sites with malicious and malicious programs, leaving your traffic dissatisfied and causing the loss of your reputation.

As a site owner, you need to be on the edge concerning the security of your sites. You have to attempt to prevent attacks from occurring so that your customers enjoy smooth sailing on your territory. Consequently, you need to protect against these vulnerabilities.

Zero Day Attacks Prevention

Zero day refers to this specific moment when a critical security flaw is found for the first time. Instantly zero day becomes public information, cybercriminals frantically search the internet for potential victims. Releasing a product without adequate defense structure can prove to be very catastrophic because, after daily, it gets too late to shield your product. Even if an upgrade patch is released by the programmers, it might take too long for the upgrade to register thus interrupting the usefulness of the site or app. Our site firewall offers 24-hour automated site protection that triggers an autopilot mode whenever your secretary is indisposed.

Outdated plug-ins, CMS and Themes

Your site consists of distinct elements, these can include themes, plug-ins, custom and core files and which are housed on your server. From time to time, a patch may be released and you find it impossible to upgrade, or your upgrade is taking too much time. In these scenarios, you literally become the proverbial’sitting duck’ and you risk being a goal for cybercriminals. Also, developers can opt to abandon a job and quit updating security patches, leaving your site vulnerable for exploitation. You may make this less of an issue through site monitoring. This gives you access to third party protection mechanisms that protect your site as you update patches or change administrators.

Other Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Security

Cybercriminals search for loopholes in your code and immediately attack your site through this weakness. Because of technological progress, they fervently try to exploit the basic codes which you can not control. They search through the whole foundation your site relies on searching for a break on your stronghold. Server software such as Apache, PHP, Nginx, Plesk, Cpanel to mention a few. These get hacked too unless your defenses respond quickly to vulnerabilities, your site could be compromised and sensitive information can be stolen from the site and be used for malicious purposes.

Criminals will knowingly and persistently attempt to exploit your website so as to steal sensitive information. Your online business is quite important therefore you can not manage to get hacked. Getting hacked could lead to an unnecessary stop of payment procedures, becoming blacklisted and losing loyal customers, no site can afford to take care of the strain of the wake of an intrusion. Therefore our malware prevention programs that are arguably the best are all you need for all-around protection to your site no matter type and niche.


Why You Need Website Protection Services

Hackers can cause you to lose more than crucial information and deposited funds (as if that wasn’t painful enough). Damage suffered by your clients may cause lawsuits against you, completing the destruction of any portion of your business that the hackers left behind.

Synergetics can help you protect yourself from the three most crucial ways: in the wake of an attack, determining your vulnerability to possible attacks and discovering the sneak attack you didn’t know about.

This is quite important because you wish to be certain that nobody can transcend your site security and receive the confidential information and data which will be of loss to you when understood by other people.

Website security services now, are so popular and demanded that there are a variety of names that promise to secure you the best package for your site security while they frequently fail to completely provide the needed website security. Synergetics makes certain you receive the complete solution to all of your website protection needs.


Synergetics will direct you to solutions that put you in a powerful proactive and defensive position. We employ customized services that will let you eliminate critical baseline flaws on your security. We can suggest and provide a suitable mixture of evaluations and information for your own circumstances.

Website Security Services

Malware and other viruses are the most frequent method of ruining your website security while we supply site protection via fast malware removal and receiving help round the clock while we also keep sites clean frequently and prevent future attacks also.

At Synergetics, we promise you of our result and that we could correct the bugs no wonder whatever hacker hacked your internet aside from the free expert consultation we also give to our customers alongside too. Our security specialists and engineers are always ready to assist you with your needs.

Website Antivirus & Website Protection

This is an online tool that’s offered by us to our esteemed customers as a perfect solution for their website needs. The online tool checks for the documents complete the antivirus solution required for the site update the virus database frequently, provides powerful in addition to unique Heuristic algorithms for automatically detecting new unknown viruses, removes and assesses code apart from assessing different features also.





Your security might have been compromised. For those who were hacked, we could use forensic investigation and testing to find the vulnerabilities on your system and determine what actions a hacker could have obtained. Our advice and implementations can protect you from potential breaches. We can instruct or train staff on security measures to help provide a greater degree of security.


PROTECT YOUR CUSTOMERSBy securing your website from any ‘back door hacks’ that you will secure your site from third parties covertly placing unwanted advertisements or malicious backlinks on your web pages or sending out spam emails using your CPanel. Additionally, hackers can put malware that may infect not just your own business computers but just as importantly, their positioning on your customer’s computers.


security-auditYou may not know whether your system is protected. You may not know whether it’s been compromised. We can offer peace of mind with custom testing and security evaluation services. You might have web applications or source code which offer security holes or weak defenses, which hackers can exploit. We can offer code audit beginning from basic overviews and evaluations to complete line-by-line auditing.


WHY CUSTOMERS CHOOSE USWith years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on Site security, we’ll be best equipped to support your requirements in as quickly as only a couple of minutes. Our customers get more than simply formal standard evaluation results. We offer services customized specifically for your needs and situation. Do not wait until your site got hacked, try our services free.